This little painting was an attempt to make art that is more about the process than the end result. This piece is all about letting go of tension and just pushing paint across the surface. I let the brush, paint, and shoulder do the work. I highly recommend Amy Maricle and the Mindful Art Studio ( if you’re in need of a little art therapy. There, she guides you through little creative acts that eventually lead up to you being a more courageous artist. She helps you to let go of your inner critic, art fear, high intentions, and to just be in the moment and connect with your art. The result? An expressive, intuitive, meditative, spiritual, resonating, and powerful artwork. At some point, the images created may be representative of something. In my painting, the bands of colors merge together to look a little like trees and maybe even a colorful forest. The power of repetition persuades your mind into thinking about the forms and putting together a “puzzle” to decipher what it is you’re looking at. However, I assure you that this was happenstance in my piece. The nuances that happen are resulting from me thinking about the brush and the paint moving across the surface. In my future paintings, my goal is to paint in this way to release my creative energy more positively and keep my soul happy.
I thank you for keeping up with my rambling, haha. Stay tuned for more intuitive, expressive works by me.

This quote somehow succinctly describes my thought processes lately. I’ll be letting go of perfectionism and focusing more on expressionism. It is important to note that this is a stylistic change, and “The Indiana Series” will continue. However, the works will be more expressionistic, meditative, intuitive, and multilayered. They will be honest -hopefully beautiful- and really speak to who I am, while keeping all-things-Indiana as the base subject. I hope you’ll follow me along my artistic journey as I continue to make more work. I appreciate that you’ve found me here in my small corner of the web. Please follow me on Facebook (katieflemingart), Instagram (kt.fleming), and Pinterest (katieflemingart)! Thank you for reading!

I’ve been working hard this past month and as a result one of my pieces won an online contest! I’ll be keeping this momentum up and entering/applying to many other contests, shows, and exhibitions. This is the official start of my journey as an artist. Stay tuned!